Monday, February 7, 2011

Another year, Another goal.

So January 20th of last year I posted a blog with my stats.

Weight: 238
Bust: 53"
Waist: 43"
Hips: 51"

It's been a little over a year and I'm not really certain on my current weight. I weighed myself a few weeks ago and was 215, but I suspect I'm even lower now

My measurements today:

Bust: 49 in.
Waist, 39 in.
Hips: 48 in.

So I am down like 3-4 inches all over. I know I haven't been doing it the most healthy way lately. I've been just really down and out and having trouble finding motivation to do much of anything....including eat. I haven't been exercising though i did get my gym membership unfrozen. I need to get in there. But anyways at the beginning of the year I was around 225, so my goal is to be 175 by next new years

Obviously I missed my goal from last year. I was hoping to be 190, but I guess a 15lb loss is better than nothing...though it is pretty sucky for a years worth..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Forgot to post yesterday. Mainly cause I like to post at the end of the day, and I had an old high school friend visiting until late last night.

So yesterday I didn't do great. Skipped breakfast completely. Had a ham and swiss on whole wheat for lunch. Just a tiny smidgeon of mayo. I mean like not even a teaspoon...just enough to make the bread a little moist. Went to the the petting zoo with Kit and my SIL and a friend and their kids and had a picnic lunch there. Water to drink. Then I had popcorn chicken from sonic for dinner. 2 packs of honey mustard sauce. But I passed on the banana milkshake, and their banana milkshakes are REALLY good, so I'm proud of myself for that. I just drank water again. After dinner I took a walk with the girls. I was out for about 45 min, but I didn't walk as fast as I should have. Then before bed i had 10 honey wheat pretzels again. I didn't get my skinny cow ice cream yet. I'm gonna try and get some tonight. I did not get to bed on time last night. My friend Tiff came over and we were up until about 1:30 just reminiscing over yearbooks and talking about life in general.

Today I had a banana for breakfast. I just didn't feel like making a shake. I'm gonna go find some lunch here shortly. I am thinking tuna salad. I know i have to watch how much mayo I put in. I do eat it with multigrain wheat thins instead of bread so that is good. I have dinner at my parents tonight, but they USUALLY cook pretty healthy. I already went for a nice bike ride with the family. Well Tana is in school, but Steve went with me and towed Kit in the little trailer. Def. longer than a half hour. I don't know if it is allergies or what, but I am feeling kinda asthmatic today, so gonna just take it easy. Maybe I can get my mom out for a walk after dinner at her place.

Monday, May 24, 2010

1 day...2 posts

OK so here's what's up for today. I had a fruit smoothie this morning. Then I went and had a really good workout with my trainer Jenny. It's supposed to be 30 min, but it's usually more like 45 of strength training. Then I did 30 min on the stationary bike. Came home had another smoothie for lunch. Honey wheat pretzels for a snack (100 calories) Then boneless skinless chicken tenderloins and a small spoonful of stuffing for dinner. The goal now is not to eat too much before bed. I know I shouldn't have carbs this late, but i'm thinking more pretzels. I think tomorrow I will go get some skinny cow ice cream sandwiches as I hear ice cream is a good bedtime snack cause of certain enzymes in it, and I deserve a treat for being good all day, and ice cream has a fair amount of protien in it. Plus skinny cow is low cal and low fat without using artificial sweetners. I think I would rather give in and let myself have a tiny little bit of sweets that aren't too bad, than go and devour a couple candy bars.

Here we go again

Ugh I fail so much. Up to 247. I swear if I hit 250 I'm just gonna shoot myself. So my goal for this week is 2lbs. Gonna have to do 2 lbs a week if I want to hit my goal for new years. So here's the plan....
1. 30 min of exercise each day. That could be going to the gym or taking a walk, or bike ride or whatever as long as I have 30 min of activity each day

2. Be in bed by midnight each night.

\3. Healthy food choices 3-4 times a day. My trainer wants me eating 4-5 times but I have a really hard time eating in the morning. I went yesterday and bought a protien powder that I'm mixing with almond milk, fresh fruit and ice to make smoothies for 2 meals a day. Gonna try to have atleast 1 healthy snack each day and then whatever i make for dinner. Right now is gonna be tough because we are really broke, and eating healthy isn't cheap. I'm sure there will be a number of pasta nights in there, but I'm going to atleast try for whole wheat pasta.

So there it is. I'm not even thinking about next week right now, I just wanna stick to this plan for 1 week. Then we'll go from there. I think I look too much at the long term and overwhelm myself.

Friday, April 23, 2010


or delusions...

Everyone says I look smaller in the belly area. When I measure I am exactly the same measurements I was in January and about 5 lbs heavier. Why is this? Are people just trying to make me feel better? I WAS so motivated, but with everything that's been going on. I mean I know i'm not trying hard enough right now to get results. I haven't even looked at the cardio equipment in a month. Painwise I did ok today. Just took the anti-inflammatory. NO percocet, no skelaxin. I told hubby the battery was dead in my car yesterday but he didn't do anything to fix it yet. He said he will in the morning but that means i'm not going anywhere till tomorrow night atleast and my little brother was wanting to come over again. I need to find my motivation again.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Been gone awhile

So I haven't posted in awhile and haven't been that active lately either. So here's what's going on...

All my life I've had pain. It started mainly in my legs, sorta like growing pains. I would also get injured very easily, and times my legs would swell up from a seemingly minor injury and xrays and MRI's would never be able to find anything physically wrong. As I got older it spread through my body. The muscles in my back specifically started getting terribly tight and my back has hurt to some degree every day since I was 12. Where i have had injuries (sprains/breaks) has been extremely arthritic and cause muscle spasms through large sections of my body. My birthmother has the exact same symptoms as does my half sister, and my daughter and nephew are showing the beginning signs of it. (thought it's possible it COULD just be growing pains) My joints (including my chestwall) will randomly inflame and there's pretty much always something.

My birthmother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and when I was still breastfeeding Kit I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Both of us have our doubts about this diagnosis as it doesn't seem to quite fit, the biggest disparity being that fibromyalgia RARELY manifests in childhood.

Anyways at the time of the diagnosis I chose not to do anything about it as taking medication would mean I'd have to stop breastfeeding, and that was something I was not prepared to do. Spring and Fall are always difficult times for me as the weather is changing alot. This spring has been especially difficult and about a month ago I made the decision to go to the dr and see if she could help me. She prescribed me flexeril (muscle relaxer) and naproxen(anti-inflamatory) Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to the flexeril and was treated to several weeks of dizzy spells. They now have me on skelaxin instead and it is working much better, but it is too expensive for me to take on a consistent basis. They also have me on voltaren which is a stronger anti inflamatory and helping. So i'm feeling better overall and I plan on returning to the gym and my weight loss efforts this week.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So far I've managed to gain 3 lbs. I have been going to the gym regularly 3 times a week, but an awful cold caused me to take 2 weeks off. I didn't think people would appreciate me coughing, sneezing, and snotting all over the equipment. There's been so much drama and craziness around here lately... I've had a really hard time with the emotional eating. Atleast I should be hopefully building some muscle.